CPA licensure: one step closer to change

You may be familiar with CPA Evolution, a joint initiative of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and the AICPA that we’ve been discussing for more than a year. [...]

Reflect on morale and team spirit as you consider reopening your office

Across the country, CPA firms are deciding when best to reopen their offices, knowing employees are integral to the success. Here are solutions for maintaining employee morale and team spirit [...]

Pandemic teleworking causes state tax withholding issues

A half-century ago, tax withholding was one of the simpler issues for taxpayers and practitioners. A more mobile society makes state tax withholding more complicated today given the ease of [...]

Key risks when auditing a not-for-profit during the pandemic

While COVID-19 has cast a cloud of uncertainty over not-for-profit organizations, there is one fact we can all hang our hats on: How we audit a not-for-profit now should look completely different [...]

5 reasons borrowers shouldn’t rush their PPP forgiveness applications

This blog post explains why borrowers shouldn’t rush their PPP loan forgiveness applications. Please share with clients who participated in the program. Borrowers who received Paycheck [...]

Navigating financial plans during the pandemic

As news of the COVID-19 pandemic’s spread intensified early this year, the effect on the U.S. economy and American’s financial situations was unknown. We conducted the AICPA PFP [...]

5 skills finance professionals need right now

Even before the current crisis, digital transformation and new ways of working were significantly influencing the skills and capabilities finance teams need. The coronavirus pandemic has [...]

A shark’s advice for building resilience

Daymond John can shut you down with a simple “no” or change your world with a definitive “yes.” He’s a shark on the Emmy award-winning television series Shark Tank [...]

July 15 Filing Date — Not to Move

What’s called a difficult decision is a difficult decision because either way you go, there are penalties. -Elia Kazan To advocate effectively on our members’ behalf and deliver the [...]

5 tips for working from home with kids

Remember “Take Your Child to Work Day”? For many of us, that’s become every day. The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down offices, leaving professionals to carve out workspaces in [...]