Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Tony Torres

It’s no secret. The accounting profession is in dire need of more ethnic diversity. While numbers have increased over the last decade, only 15% of enrollees in accounting bachelor’s [...]

The learning journey and speed of change

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Employee payroll tax deferral — Is it workable?

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4 tax and financial planning tips to share with clients

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Why CPAs should care about RPA

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Pandemic teleworking causes state tax withholding issues

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5 reasons borrowers shouldn’t rush their PPP forgiveness applications

This blog post explains why borrowers shouldn’t rush their PPP loan forgiveness applications. Please share with clients who participated in the program. Borrowers who received Paycheck [...]

Navigating financial plans during the pandemic

As news of the COVID-19 pandemic’s spread intensified early this year, the effect on the U.S. economy and American’s financial situations was unknown. We conducted the AICPA PFP [...]

A shark’s advice for building resilience

Daymond John can shut you down with a simple “no” or change your world with a definitive “yes.” He’s a shark on the Emmy award-winning television series Shark Tank [...]